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Sandawha Orgacare Soft Baby Bath and Shampoo

Sandawha Orgacare Soft Baby Bath and Shampoo

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This mild baby wash contains organic vegetable extracts from lemon, blueberry, cabbage and radish for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It helps protect baby’s skin from dryness and irritation while leaving skin clean and fresh. (COSMOS Organic certified, 100% Natural , 10.45% Organic, pH balanced)


W400 x D400 x H140


  • Automatically optimal back angle
  • Supports a natural sitting posture
  • Comfortable and stable backrest
  • Good air circulation
  • Freedom of movement of the thighs

Practical in use

  • Easy to clean or replace the seat cushion
  • Foldable, easy to store and carry
  • Comfortable, multifunctional 3-layer seat cushion
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Even sitergonomically in the meadow.

Due to its easy foldability and light weight, the Ori-Back© is also ideal for on the go.Its unique construction makes it easy to sit in the grass.And since the 3-layer seat cushion is only used on the inside, the bottom of the Ori-Back© can be cleaned at any time and on a daily basis.Simply wipe with a damp cloth and any dirt is removed from the floor.