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Ori-Back Folder

Ori-Back Folder

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Always and everywhere sit ergonomically correct. 

Sitting incorrectly for a long time has a significant impact on health. Tensions and even pain can be the result. The Ori-Back® is a portable and foldable ergonomic seat that you can use wherever you sit. Its unique construction ensures that you automatically assume an upright, stable and ergonomically correct sitting position.


W400 x D400 x H140


  • Automatically optimal back angle
  • Supports a natural sitting posture
  • Comfortable and stable backrest
  • Good air circulation
  • Freedom of movement of the thighs

Practical in use

  • Easy to clean or replace the seat cushion
  • Foldable, easy to store and carry
  • Comfortable, multifunctional 3-layer seat cushion
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Even sitergonomically in the meadow.

Due to its easy foldability and light weight, the Ori-Back© is also ideal for on the go.Its unique construction makes it easy to sit in the grass.And since the 3-layer seat cushion is only used on the inside, the bottom of the Ori-Back© can be cleaned at any time and on a daily basis.Simply wipe with a damp cloth and any dirt is removed from the floor.