Differentiated technology of Ori-Back “Folder”

Differentiates the pressure on the seating surface.

Body pressure comparison experiment

As shown in the experiment results above, the longer the sitting time, the more if you are sitting in a general chair, you body pressure is around thr pelvis and tailbone. so It is concentrated and causes distortion of thr pelvis and spinal disease. On the other hand, if you are sitting in a “Ori-Back” your body pressure is evenly distributed. It is dispersed so that the pelvis and spine are always in the right position.

Backrest durability test!
165/50, 000 times
Subjected to repeated shock testing

  • You just sit The Ori-Back will catch you for sure.

  • Build the pelvic axis that is the basis of the waist! Take care of the health of your neck, back and shoulders.

With world patent technology Ori-Back Take your stance “now”!

It can be used in any sitting life.

  • In the living room

  • In bed

  • Outdoors

  • In the office

Make a habit of sitting upright

  • - Even on the floor

  • - Even when sitting cross-legged

  • - Even when sitting with legs stretched out

  • - Even if I sit with my legs up

Ori-Back/Folder It corrects your posture.

  • Bad posture

  • Good posture

Very convenient to use World Patent Posture Correction Chair

  • Ease of use

  • Experimentally proven functionality

  • Five color aesthetics

  • Outdoor activities are also OK great portability

  • Folds for storage when not in use

  • Easy removal of cushion pad. Convenience of easy washing