A guide for Sandawha Products

A guide for Sandawha Products

The Sandawha Organic Baby line is an optimized formula that combines all ingredients in harmony and makes the skin healthy and lively. It maximizes the effect of the product by using the best raw materials obtained from nature to provide the precious value of nature to the skin

Sandawha products are made of 99.94% natural origin. They have the following benefits :

What is COSMO Certification?

Cosmo Organic certification is a standard for organic and natural cosmetics jointly

developed by BDIH (Germany), CosmeBIO (France), ECOCERT (France),

ICE (Italy) and SOIL Association (UK).

It is a consumer guarantee that you can trust. All over the world, there are many companies who claim to have organic products but might not be the ideal standard. The best way to recognize legitimate products is from the certification body that is accredited for COSMOS certification. COSMOS certification can be trusted by consumers for organic cosmetics such as beauty and skincare products as Control Union Korea, which conducts COSMOS certification, ensures independence, fairness, and objectivity of certification. It provides reliable certification for customers & consumers. Today’s consumers like you pay more attention than ever before to the quality and safety of cosmetics and are more aware of the possible dangers of synthetic ingredients being used.

You need to trust a brand before buying the product.

COSMO certify offices allow them to make certification more efficient and cost-effective, whilst maintaining the same stringent professional auditing and certification procedures.

Why do babies need mild products?

Babies need mild products because their skin is different from adult skin. It is important to know and manage the baby’s skin properly. Baby’s skin is much thinner, it easily absorbs the substances that touch the skin. The baby’s skin is fragile and is sensitive to external stimuli.

Baby skin, which is prone to roughness, gets dry easily after bathing.

Hence, the products are carefully selected by strict management standards from cultivation to production and packaging. They contain organic green tea extracts which help make your skin healthy and flexible. The benefits include :

SKIN PROTECTION EFFECT: It removes harmful free Radicals (Hazardous reactor). It helps protect the skin.

MAINTAINING HEALTHY SKIN: Green tea ingredients moisturize the skin and maintain a bright skin tone, making it effective for maintaining healthy skin.

SKIN SOOTHING EFFECT: It helps to protect the skin by calming down tired or irritated skin due to internal & external stress.

STRICT QUALITY CONTROL: Starting from the cultivation of the raw materials to production and packaging, it is made from carefully selected raw materials under strict management standards.

ORGANIC SOOTHING CONTAINS MOISTURISING INGREDIENTS OGRACARE which have organic plant-origin calmness. The ingredients contain moisturizing elements to help soothe & moisturize irritated skin.

LEMON EXTRACT: It prevents moisture evaporation. It makes the skin moist & prevents dryness

BLUEBERRY EXTRACT: Phytochemical ingredients such as Anthocyanins, Phenols, and flavonoids help soothe the irritated skin

CABBAGE EXTRACT: It contains Vitamin C and various minerals carotenoid-based

Xanthophyll components help to keep your skin active and healthy

RADISH EXTRACT: Various antioxidants & rich in Vitamine C ingredients that help soothe irritated skin The products take years of R&D and testing on a strict basis to make sure it is optimal for the baby to use. The journey of our products is such :

2017.12 Optimized for baby skin, a mild component study on ingredients found in nature

2020.03 End-to-end use and stimulus testing for a more gentle use

2020.07 International Organic Cosmetics certification standards SREAIRE COSMOS ORGANIC acquires

Sandawha offers 3 major products

1. SanDaWha Orga Care Natural Baby Lotion Moisturises and softens baby’s skin with instant hydration & nutrition. For baby skin that is easily dried due to low sebum secretion, it contains water + glycerin & shea butter, giving a moist feeling all day long. It has :

Moisturizing lock glycerin: It is a natural moisturizing ingredient that draws in moisture that is lacking & provides moisture to the skin which doesn’t dry.

Rich moisturizing & nourishing shea butter: It contains a lot of moisturizing nutrients such as alantion, Vitamin E & carotene to strengthen the skin and help with long-term moisturizing effect.

The PH 5.5 slightly acidic formula, similar to the average PH balance (PH5.2-5.8) of healthy skin, protects the skin from various irritations & harmful environments & helps maintain the original skin barrier.

It is a multi-product that can be used on the whole body from face to the body at it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy as soon as it is applied with a moisturizing effect

It ju a refreshing lotion texture that absorbs without stickiness!

HOW TO USE: After bathing or whenever the skin is dry, take a sufficient amount and apply it over the face and body.

2. Organic Care Soft Bath & Baby Shampoo

It is reliable for daily use. SanDaWha Organic Care soft Bath & Shampoo is a cleansing product certified by COSMOS ORGANIC, a demanding European organic cosmetic that uses natural cleansing ingredients derived from coconut oil that cleans the skin without irritating the skin.

Why is natural origin surfactant important for baby cleansers?

This is because cleansers using general synthetic surfactants leave harmful ingredients on the skin no matter how much you wash off, the harmful ingredients remain on the skin and damage the protective layer of the skin, making the gentle baby’s skin drier.

Make your child’s skin stronger with a weak acidic pH5.5 balance.

Orga Care soft Baby Bath and Shampoo has a 5.5 PH, a slightly acidic formula, is in between the average pH balance of healthy skin, it blocks various stimuli and invasion of harmful materials. It also helps to maintain the natural skin barrier of the baby.

SanDaWha Orga Care soft Baby Bath & Shampoo not only contains naturally derived surfactants that can be used for newborn babies, but it is also a hypoallergenic, weakly acidic cleanses that you can use every day with confidence.

Easy from head to toe! BODY & SHAMPOO is ALL-IN-ONE WASH. For the sake of the baby’s cleanliness, a routine bath is a must. The longer the baby’s bath time, the dryer the baby’s skin becomes. Hence our body wash has got you covered from head to toe which shortens the bath time & protects the baby’s skin barriers.

Good Bath tips for children with SanDaWha:

3. SanDaWha Orga Care Bath Cream
For thin baby skin that easily evaporates moisture naturally derived quadruple moisturizing ingredient prescription is needed.

Natural quadruple moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, sunflower seed oil & Queens land nut oil provide a deep moisturizing sensation to the baby’s skin that easily evaporates moisture.

Excellent moisture retention fresh moisturizing sunflower seed oil: It contains abundant proteins, lecithin & vitamin A and D, which helps prevent moisture evaporation

in the skin & gives it a refreshing filling.

Strong skin barriers – Skin balance care Queensland nut oil: Moisturizing ingredients that are most similar to human sebum. Keep your skin oil & moisture balance. It makes your skin softer and more moisturized.

It’s a creamy formulation that absorbs smoothly without stickiness and absorbs quickly even on wet skin and gives a fresh finish.

Whenever you wish to make a purchase, there is always this little voice inside you which asks you why this? Well, we have got you covered. You choose Sandawha for its natural and organic products which not only provide mild cleansing with long-lasting moisturized skin but also the warmth and comfort like that of a mother.

Nurture your baby’s skin naturally!
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